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I almost put a hand over my mouth to keep from crying out.

I looked up to see where he was looking and found his eyes locked on mine.

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It seemed to cling to his leg for a moment, almost as if it were reluctant to leave the warmth and safety there.

What I wouldn't give to just throw caution to the wind, I thought. Slowly, in little throbbing jumps, his cock stood up.

I know you are new to nudism, but typically if a guy get's an erection they cover up with something, however...” he looked down at my thighs, “you seem to be having some issues of your own.” “What? I have to admit that your excitement is getting me excited.

I just know that nudity can be exciting when you are new to it. Wasn't sexual excitement more natural than anything else in the world?

I looked down and to my horror a sticky, shimmering coating of my own juices covered my thighs.

The couple was making out vigorously in an elevator.

“My wife doesn't believe in oral sex,” Ashley blurted out. I was horny, he was obviously horny, and we were alone.

She moaned and sucked him, and if she was faking then they were using special effects. ” I was actually grateful he had finally opened the conversation up to something obviously sexual.

I had a girlfriend in high school who used to give the most amazing blowjobs,” He leaned over his chair.

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