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is punishable by hellfire – and it’s easy to understand why so many women discuss sex, shame and guilt in the same sentence.

They have become so tangled with one another that they’re now part of a single conversation.

I’ve heard stories of marriages breaking down because of women unable to enjoy or accept a sexual relationship, or even years of painful sex because of the tension created by fear and guilt.

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Yet, today in France (with the group called "Ni Putes Ni Soumises" or "Neither Bitch nor Submissive") in Germany (especially since the murder of Theo Van Ghog) and in every Arab-Muslim country some women struggle for their freedom and therefore they sometimes put themselves in danger. Obviously their sexuality is the focus of the fundamentalists¿ madness and rage.

Indeed, free speech may come with a very high cost : death threat, families tearing apart, flight, repudiation¿ Therefore this film is a challenge.

The way our communities are dictatorial about marriage is also problematic.

I fell deeply in love with a boy outside Islam and if I could have, I would have married him at the time.

The absence of female pleasure from conversations about sex is keenly felt within Muslim communities, but not limited to them.

No one is lucky enough to escape the patriarchy, and as such the mentality that female bodies are there to give pleasure as opposed to receive it is a long- standing one.

This man was a foreigner and not somebody I, as a ‘good Muslim girl’, should ever be with.

Those narratives are hopelessly difficult to resist, and we are all affected by the habits, traditions and beliefs of our communities; I’m no exception to those rules.

The director, a woman of Arab-Muslim origin, spent several months casting women who have the courage to testify.

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