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Whenever she embarked on such quests, I will be cowering behind her fearfully, numbed and dumbed.

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Sanjana also began gorging on expensive snacks like Snickers bars, Peel Fresh, Kit Kat, etc that she bought from a mini market while waiting for the school bus after school.

I continued visiting Sanjana’s place and got to know all her family members and I observed their lifestyle.

Even though I knew that I will be in hot soup if my Mom learns that I’ve lent my garb to a friend, I willed the gut wrenching feeling away and gave Sanjana one my clothes which she liked.

It was a black and white Scarlet brand tee sporting a plunging V neck and comfortably body hugging; little did I know that Sanjana planned to don it on a date with her boyfriend.

It was only the day she returned my tee that she said she wore it on an outing with the now, ‘the love of her life’. The very thought was revolting but I didn’t say anything to her.

Then, she showed me the hickeys he gave her on her neck and chest and told me that it led them to sex. Once home, I washed and scrubbed my tee with Dynamo detergent and rinsed it to my heart’s content.

Failing to nab the top class, culture shock, (she was used to be surrounded by Indian classmates and schoolmates) as well as with trouble conversing in Malay and English languages disillusioned Sanjana and she began to be in bad company in the manifestation of Form 2 unruly, domineering Indian girls (they were from Remove classes and were older than Sanjana and me) who were literally out casts. In the afternoon, before the school bell rings, some boys and girls from both schools can be seen loitering in the platforms of shop lots situated in front of both secondary schools.

The same is true after school, while waiting for transportation to take them home. I was her unwilling companion on those endeavours at Medan Kidd, Ipoh’s bus central.

I have witnessed tussles between several students from the boys school bashing up students from another all boys missionary school situated further down in the vicinity because they dared to chat up some Meenatchi from my school. But, I was too averse and timid to accept any Macha and found the trend newfangled of which didn’t hit the right chord with me.

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