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Many archaeological sites are discovered accidently, often during construction projects.

Some archaeologists call what they do as “running in front of bulldozers to retrieves objects before construction at a site begins.” Other are uncovered by following clues in historical records or digging where mounds and ruined buildings have been found.

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The easiest way to determine sex is by examining the pelvic bones.

Females have large round openings, large enough to accommodate the head of a baby. David Silverman of Reed College wrote: “What kinds of questions does archaeological evidence answer?

It tells us certain things definitively: where people lived; what kinds of houses they lived in; how many of their houses were clustered together (in other words, the size of their villages) and how close or far apart from one another they lived; what they ate (based upon the analysis of animal and fish bones in their garbage heaps); how they disposed of dead people; and what kinds of implements they used, especially pottery, stone objects, and weapons.

There are some other kinds of questions about which archaeology gives us clues but no definitive answers.

Metal objects have a better chance of surviving; a relatively small number of bronze and iron objects have survived from antiquity, often in a state of advanced corrosion.

In particular circumstances (such as if the ground is frozen, or the item is sealed in an airtight container) cloth or leather items may survive.” 8^* Archaeologists crawl, kneel and laboriously brush away dirt with a brush from objects they unearth.

Archaeologists seek out trash dumps, which often contain vital clues to unmasking everyday life.

The fact that archaeologists are much more skilled at gleaning large amounts of information from ancients scraps that previously would have been discarded has meant that process of excavating take much longer.

Context is critical to understanding the significance of artifacts.

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