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David Archuleta returned to the Idol stage this week singing his single "Touch My Hand".

Classic disco tunes where also performed by Freda Payne, Thelma Houston and KC from KC and the Sunshine Band. For me, it's no doubt that Adam Lambert is going to be the Idol this year.

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Allison Iraheta was found on the bottom three this week even though the judges were all praises for her with her performance. Since it was disco week, all 7 finalists did an awkward opening disco performance choreographed by Paula Abdul.

They all danced to the tune of Michael Jacksons "Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground).

Women want to be around exciting men, but once things get too exciting, they bail and take up with Seth Rogen's character from every single one of his movies. v=a UM6NLe WQDc] Note: I am waiting for someone to do a You Tube remix of Sun cracking Benry over the head with "Crank Dat" as the soundtrack. Ben and Sun made tromping through the woods reminded me of the two dogs in Here's my advice, guy: raw, sweat-laden charisma can only take you so far. I had a bad experience and now everytime I meet someone named Kurt I want to scratch his eyes out. Kate provides the thrill of ex-convict baby-abandoning intercourse - she wants a new fetus in her stomach so bad you're likely to catch her poking holes in your Dharma-brand Magnum condoms. She's used to having guys never say a bad word to her in the sack, and as a result, she's strange and salty-tasting.

The second you start showing a woman you're actually a person, you'll be watching her cozy up to some d-bag named Kurt who's super-into moe. Her skin is worse than you can imagine up close; on the other hand, her vagina is shaped like a perfect circle. Juliet provides the thrill of ex-doctor baby-delivering intercourse.

With her lazy attitude and proven fertility, she could make this a three way race.

Her post-pregnancy hormones are still going high, and she's clearly the kind of woman who is invested in her own pleasure, the mere fact of which is a turn-on to the male of the species.Always a Hoot Catfish Dinner Count on Me Country Proud Don't Leave Drink Drink Drink Easily Wanted Happy Hour Hearts on Fire Hey Lover Holiday Margadaiquiri Maybe We Do, Maybe We Don't Mountain Girl My Kinda Girl Never Bring Me Down Never Goes Away Night On One 4 LDF Ordinary Angels Break Free Planet Country Ready to Roll Shakin' Silver Silver Lady Surrendering Hearts Thank You (aka Waltz for Gisela) The Boss’s Pink Cadillac Up a Creek Who Needs Mexico You're My Vice Intermediate Improver Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Improver Improver Intermediate Improver Intermediate Improver Intermediate Improver Beginner Improver Improver Intermediate Improver Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Improver Improver Improver Improver Improver Intermediate Intermediate Improver January 2013 November 2013 August 2017 November 2011 August 2012 July 2014 December 2012 April 2014 January 2011 November 2014 January 2011 July 2010 July 2018 September 2013 March 2014 January 2017 April 2013 January 2015 June 2018 April 2010 September 2012 April 2010 August 2011 June 2013 June 2013 January 2015 November 2013 June 2014 September 2010 April 2014 January 201216 Tons of No.9 Coal! ) Amigo Waltz Anzac Rumba Ausmatilda Aussie Chrissie Aussie Gangnam Style! Besame Bird Dance Black Caviar Boogie Catch a Wave Cherlesque Chill Factor Christmas in July Christmastime Cover-Ups Deck the Sheds Defined Lines Disco Mambo Gatsboogie Gatsboogie Easy Dancing 4 Health Danny Baby Danny Boy Dear One Dilmah Cha Cha Cha Don't Worry, Be Happy! Fare Chance Florida Shines Fly Easy Like a Bird Gangnam Style Easy Georgy Girl Goodnight Waltz Great Gatsby Glide Greece is the Word! Hotmail Cha Cha I Am Woman Jan's Dance Just Married Beginner Beginner Beginner Intermediate Intermediate Beginner Intermediate Improver Novice Intermediate Beginner Beginner Intermediate Beginner Beginner Beginner Intermediate Improver Beginner Intermediate Improver Intermediate Beginner Beginner Beginner Beginner Intermediate Intermediate Improver Beginner Beginner Intermediate Beginner Intermediate Beginner Improver Improver Beginner Intermediate Intermediate Beginner Intermediate Improver Intermediate Intermediate Beginner March 2012 September 2011 December 2011 September 2010 April 2015 October 2011 October 2012 October 2012 July 2012 July 2013 August 2011 January 2011 June 20 April 2011 July 2011 July 2011 December 2015 July 2011 November 2015 June 2015 June 20 July 2013 October 2010 March 2012 March 2012 September 2011 December 2013 November 2011 August 2012 October 2010 October 2011 September 20 September 20 February 20 July 2015 January 2011 October 2010 January 2016 October 2010 June 2010 April 2011 Last Night Lightning Express Lunette Mini Shortnin' Bread Move, Baby, Move! (We were in a Cracker Barrel and the waitress was practically gargling his testes at the table.) Since my name recognition among loose waitresses at chain restaurants is better than Doug Feith's, getting ass outside of my marriage is difficult. If he starts fucking around on Juliet with Kate, he's going to start a shitstorm with a former doctor doing janitorial work, and sporting a kewt little flash of gray.Is it really Sawyer's fault that women are drawn to his khaki Head of Security jumpsuit? La Fleur has to decide between two very different pieces of tangy woman.She's openly admitted to wanting a child as well, but she's already told you she's on the pill, so no worries until you wake up in a cold sweat one night and realize that the pill might not have been invented yet.

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