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And Albert would probably agree, there’s nothing wrong with that. But here’s the thing: When it comes to creating a passionate, fulfilling, lasting love relationship with the one, most-amazing woman of our dreams, the whole game changes.

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It’s about being independent and in-control, but it’s also about being ready to give things up and let them go. Are you ready to give up that leather couch from college? Show a great woman that you’re genuinely capable of doing it, and she’ll begin to sense it – you may actually be the kind of mature, relationship-ready man she’s been searching for!

Be brutally honest — do you still throw little tantrums when things don’t go your way? Get knocked out of the box by life’s little curveballs?

It’s this kind of mature, real-man confidence that creates space, trust and appreciation in a relationship…

also known as the rarest, most valuable of treasures when it comes to the kind of relationship-ready man that every great woman is looking for. It’s how you handle them that makes all the difference to a great woman.

For a great woman looking for a lasting partner in love, finding these rock-solid qualities in a relationship partner is priceless.

As we talked about, the immature “boy-man” is constantly trying to prove himself and win every battle, usually in an endless struggle just to feel good about himself.A great woman knows instinctively that these are the signs of a mature, relationship-ready man, the kind that she’ll literally throw all others aside to be with.After all, it’s just like Albert said: success in life (and love) is about becoming a man of .His centeredness and strength create safe space for growth and exploration in love… They say that life is short, and that the “good times” are even shorter.That’s why a great woman will move mountains to share her life with a man who knows what he wants and is clearly in the process of trying to get it.From work and sports to our efforts with women and dating, the immature man’s driving forces are (usually) instant gratification and conquest.

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