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Ultimately, though, meeting so young was a benefit, as she describes Culkin as her “steady rock” in her life, saying “that’s all that you need.” This is likely part of why their breakup was so amicable: the two genuinely want what is best for each other.

Many people have weird ways of coping with a relationship ending.

When Howard Stern asked her if the unwillingness to marry Culkin was a sign that she wasn’t truly in love with him, Kunis responded, “Honestly, who knows?

” Considering that Kunis and Kutcher married after only three years of dating, it seems like maybe Kunis always knew that Culkin wasn’t going to be the one she settled down with.

What about those power couples that slipped through your personal radar?

In some cases, very surprising Hollywood elites got together and stayed together a good, long time.

Their relationship lasted so long that many fans assumed that their would be wedding bells in their future.

That’s why their breakup in 2011 was such a shocker.

In fact, she recalls telling her father when she was only sixteen that she didn’t believe in marriage.

Of course, with the benefit of hindsight, we know that is not completely true, as she ended up marrying Ashton Kutcher.

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