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It jerks, the characters are often disproportioned, character movement is erratic and often impossible even by anime standards.Backgrounds are nice looking but that's about it. It's an example of why amateurs shouldn't be playing with artificial synthesizers.It's all over the place, never appropriate, and nothing you would ever want to hear stand-alone.

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Yes, you can probably see where that story is going.

Lots of slapstick humor, romance and funniness is the recipe for this show.

*CHARACTERS: 5/10 The characters of Love Hina are soooo darn GENERIC and just downright ANNOYING that I need to punch the wall just to appease my frustration. The fillers doesn't contribute to the plot one bit and can get really really random, for example, ancient turtle civilizations? Although I have lots of bad things to say about this anime, I can't deny the fact that I did get some laughs watching Love Hina, but the jokes becomes so repetitive (Naru beating up Keitarou) I'm laughing no more.

~Love Hina's formula for comedy~ Keitarou accidents misunderstanding = Naru beating the crap out of him *ART: 8/10 The art is fine, I don't really have much complaints about it because it's a very typical art for an old anime.

In fact, many of the main story is well scripted and executed, but then manages to make everything likeable about the story horrible. 1/3 of the series doesn't even correspond with the story, introduces meaningless characters who serve absolutely no purpose, and only serves to annoy the viewer who slowly realizes what he or she has been cheated out of.

The comedic timing is off, the dialogue is laughably awful, and of course there is no nudity. I'm not some horndog wanting to see the girls nude, but don't have twenty-thousand bath scenes and all the girls bathe wearing towels. Speaking of characters, the core cast stays very true to the original idea whether you like them or hate them, but when the series devolves to filler it feels like the characters become stereotypical versions of themselves.*SOUND: 7/10 I actually liked the OP and ED and I kinda felt nostalgic hearing them again.The OP is kinda catchy, although it annoyed some viewers, I'm not annoyed by it at all.For as innovative as they may have wanted us to think the animation is, it's just bad.I know cel animation anime that flow far more smoothly than this.I'm writing this review at the risk of getting viciously mauled by an angry mob of Love Hina fans who will do anything to defend their beloved anime, so I'll try not to be too harsh on this. She's a tsundere on drugs who's got nothing better to do besides beating up Keitarou EVERY…SINGLE... — Su, Kaolla - The awfully annoying and carefree kid in the harem. The one I have the biggest problem with though is not one of the girls, it's the stupid MC Keitarou! He doesn't have any redeeming qualities whatsoever except for his undying perseverance and hard work that leads to nothing most of the time.

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