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Both go tumbling off the nest, still holding the fish, about ten seconds later. Slipping off the far edge of the nest by the next morning.

Finds its way back to the middle of the nest by 3/12, possibly to the near side of the nest by the time of the cameras' return on 3/14.

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Striped bass brought to nest, taken away immediately, then brought back headless 1351, another richie-feeds-rosie moment at 1404 chicks being fed at 1408 fish leaves, returns 1516 richie feeds rosie again 1517 fish left on nest chicks feeding again at 1550Brought to nest 0701 nearly whole, Richmond removes face while on the nest then Rosie commences feeding. Chicks feeding at 0830 FIsh taken away again, then returned to nest ca 0935 for feeding Striper with no face brought to nest. Scrap of milled lumber with large pointed splinter-dagger brought to nest, moved by Rosie to SE corner, out of sight by 6/14. Taken away briefly by Rosie to her strut perch, then returned 0720, Rosie feeds the chicks. Unknown fish--fat body, olive bronze with very red flesh, prominent scale pattern but no stripes evident. Previous red-fleshed fish remnant still being worked on by chicks in the foreground.

Remaining end finally taken away by Richmond 1408 ... Much feeding, fish taken to the cable by Richmond 1350. Meaty tail taken away by Richmond after morning feeding 0552 on 5/25.

Richmond flies in to boom cable with an unknown flat fish.

Brought to nest and taken away by Rosie 0902 and eaten on the strut perch. Rosie brings the dregs back to the rail 0915 and finishes them there. Richmond removes it once more 0729, then returns the tail 0740.

From 1156 to 1206, Richmond was spotted chasing off an intruder while still carrying the fish. Still on the nest at 1958, when Rosie gets up to feed the chicks. Last of tail eaten by Rosie and the chicks 0556 the next morning, June 1. Brought to nest 0702, left on nest for chicks to attempt self-feeding. Richmond returns to the nest after an outing, Rosie then seen flying off and returning with a pale-fleshed fish remnant taken from the same area of the nest.

Another whole striper brought to the nest by Richmond, who immediately took it away to the boom cable. Back 1745 (no takers) and again 1812 for another snack for chicks Brought to nest nearly intact, delivery interrupted by intruder, Mom feeds kids from remains of previous fish, new fish left on nest while RIchmond runs off the unwelcome guest. Tail end brought back (or uncovered) 0556 on 05-17, the next morning. then brought back 1444Late night fish delivery to nest. ID'd from shape of tail left on the nest 2130. Returned to nest 1359 during intruder alert, then taken to the rail. As Rosie waits on the nest, an apparently unknown male Osprey with half a fish descends repeatedly over the nest. Rosie slides off the edge of the nest, taking teal rag with her. Another round of feeding, then fish left on the nest. Rosie and the chicks feed, then Richmond takes the fish away 1913. Taken back to cable, now diminished in size, by Richmond 1727. Stranger alone on the nest with the fish briefly at 1607. Long whole jacksmelt to the nest for morning feeding. Taken to the cable by RIchmond 0916, then brought back for more feeding 0920. Whole fish brought by the nest, then taken away for face removal. Returns to rail, still holding the fish, bringing it to the nest 0245 on 5/16. Continues eating on the rail, then brings the tail briefly to the nest before returning to the cable 1819. Rosie feeds the chicks, and pulls several small fish from within the fish. He brings it to the nest to hand off to Rosie , and she takes it to the Bay Cafe strut perch. Richmond seen carrying remainder, pursued by a gull, at 1629. Chicks more interested at that point in the big striper they have, so RIchmond leaves with his fish again. Almost immediately after delivering the black plastic, Richmond goes out and returns with a teal-colored rag the size of a towel or small blanket.

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