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A visa most commonly takes the form of a sticker endorsed in the applicant's passport or other travel document.

Alternatively, in such cases visas may be pre-arranged for collection on arrival at the border.

The need or absence of need of a visa generally depends on the citizenship of the applicant, the intended duration of the stay, and the activities that the applicant may wish to undertake in the country he visits; these may delineate different formal categories of visas, with different issue conditions. State Department), and typically consular affairs officers, may request appropriate documentation from the applicant.

Visa applications in advance of arrival give countries a chance to consider the applicant's circumstances, such as financial security, reason for travel, and details of previous visits to the country.

Visitors may also be required to undergo and pass security or health checks upon arrival at the port of entry.

Private visa and passport services collect an additional fee for verifying customer applications, supporting documents, and submitting them to the appropriate authority.

If there is no embassy or consulate in one's home country, then one would have to travel to a third country (or apply by post) and try to get a visa issued there.

Many countries frequently demand strong evidence of intent to return to the home country, if the visa is for a temporary stay, due to potential unwanted illegal immigration.

Each country typically has a multitude of categories of visas with various names.

If permitted entry, the official would issue a visa, when required, which would be a stamp in a passport.

Today, travellers wishing to enter another country must often apply in advance for what is also called a visa, sometimes in person at a consular office, by post or over the internet.

Long before that, in ancient times, passports and visas were usually the same type of travel documents.

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