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The merchandise will probably not appeal to your mother.

Go down the road just a piece and land in Cherokee Street: In the wake of the closed-down (haunted) Lemp Brewery is this new-ish hipster haven.

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Mangia, Jade Room, and Upstairs Lounge are all good places to drink on South Grand, and though they are not specifically gay, the right night could mean a total uprising of asymmetrical haircut activity. You will really not believe the amount of queerness that Pride pulls out of St. The bars of The Grove have a bevy of activities for Pride Nights that include the White Party — an annual, expensive, dressed-in-all-white gathering of debauchery.

If you need to do some superqueer shopping and get something pierced, you should stop by TRX Custom Tattoo and Piercing (3207 S. The artists are friendly and the art is both good and reasonably priced.

Mo Ka Be’s I could write fifty pages or a novel about Mo Ka Be’s and its bizarre fairy-tale-esque quality that sometimes brings to the life of Midwestern queers. Lesbian owned and queer-ish-ly operated, it is a community-minded place for all kinds of people.

Get a latte, and then look around: You’re on SOUTH GRAND!

It is an epic five-story playground (formerly a shoe factory) made out of recycled junk. Regardless of its rank, it lays claim to a jaw-dropping Art Museum, History Museum, Science Center, and Zoo. As a college student (as well as for many others of all kinds/ages), it was a constant place of wonder. Swarming with Washington University students, The Loop holds roughly six blocks of varied (and sometimes touristy) attractions.

It has a multitude of slides, some circus acts, a chamber of skate ramps, and a shoelace display. Louis, the City Museum is truly the actual Number One must-see. It is a busy district with shops from the wacky to chic, restaurants from the diner to the slightly-better-diner and a great coffee shop, Meshuggah (6269 Delmar).

My thoughts on gentrification aside, the up-and-coming-ness of this neighborhood has distinctive benefits for city business and life.

Things left dormant for some time seem to be waking.

Grand Blvd.) Home of Pride Festivities and a farmer’s market in the summer and Absolutli Goosed, which has phenomenal cocktails. Grand Blvd.) has incredibly affordable and delicious Thai Food. The best Ethiopian food (outside of Ethiopia, but otherwise internationally) is Meskerem (3210 S Grand Blvd.) CBGB (3163 S.

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