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She also dated Nick Cave and Josh Homme before dating Klinghoffer.

Klinghoffer and Harvey were together for one year, starting out in 2004 and breaking up in 2005, spanning the period the couple toured together for PJ Harvey.

Both artists are very private and for a long while their relationship was just speculation based on reports and media from PJ Harvey’s tour in 2004, where the relationship started.

Little is know about this aspect of the musician’s life.

If we are to make assumptions based on interviews, Klinghoffer seems to miss having good company and would probably be happy in a relationship, although a tight work schedule doesn’t permit it.

She is famous for her solo projects, having received numerous prizes and nominations from Grammy, the Rolling Stones magazine, and others.

PJ Harvey have also contributed with Nick Cave from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and other acts.

Rumors have it that they got to know each other right before the tour and got close during it.

It’s difficult to know what kind of woman Josh Klinghoffer likes because the musician is very private about his personal life.

His father was a private general contractor who built houses around the Coachella Valley. His surname is believed to originate from the Norwegian village of Homme; he also has English, moved to the area from North Dakota and was an early settler of the Valley.

Cap has a private street named after him in Rancho Mirage, marking the original road to the Homme ranch, as well as a park named after him in an exclusive enclave of the Valley.

Comparing him to the former guitarist, fans often claimed he was “untalented” and a bad musician.

After releasing two more albums with the band, in 20, Klinghoffer gained some of the fans trust in his talents and have been acclaimed by music critics.

He has produced a musical improv series with other musicians (mostly from the Palm Desert Scene) known as The Desert Sessions since 1997.

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