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The first is that women reject men who they see as not being able to meet their financial requirements.Not ALL women, but enough to make it a major contributing factor to the issue at hand.Michelle is warm, thoughtful, intuitive and great at what she does.

For some earthly assistance in decoding Heaven's secrets on marriage and help to find your mate, we offer you our Matchmaking Service equal to none.

We employ a network of matchmakers with years of experience and many successful marriages to their name in North America, Europe and Israel. Devora Alouf, our cyberspace matchmaker, oversees and manages the entire network with her talent and energy.

There’s no question that the challenges are much greater for the women, since the men their age tend to want to date younger women.

But that doesn’t change the fact that there are plenty of “older” bachelors either unwilling or unable to marry.

The purpose of this article is not to judge but rather to clarify and possibly offer a solution to a problem faced by singles who sincerely want to get married ASAP.

So just to be “crystal clear” (remember A Few Good Men?

We’re so happy to have found each other & we owe it all to you. I never considered using a service like this, until a friend of mine worked with Jewish Match NYC and had a successful, long-term match within weeks.

As a widow, I was reluctant about reentering the dating world…It was twenty years since my last first date. I felt extremely comfortable immediately and surrendered to the process. I have been happily dating a wonderful woman who is my new life partner. During my consultation, Michelle helped me finetune my online profile, which as a result, saw an immediate increase in activity.

), if you’re not looking to get hitched now or you just get really pissed when anyone writes about this stuff, do your blood pressure (and me) a favor and stop reading now (read this instead). From listening to many different kinds of Modern Orthodox single women over 35, most of them do give a significant place in their decision making process. Actually, it’s a very valid consideration when choosing a spouse — especially given the staggering cost of building and maintaining an Orthodox lifestyle and family (at least in most major US communities).

There are two main problems that result from this financial focus.

I definitely needed some dating coaching and a ‘personal dating assistant’. After getting a feel for my personality and my dating history, she offered honest and helpful feedback as we devised a strategic plan to ensure I met more quality matches.

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