Indian male dating traits

No pajeet, the reason why no one likes you isn’t because you’re indian, it’s because you’re skinnyfat, don’t groom yourself and have 0 game. I knew I couldn’t make claims like that till I lost the gut, lost the accent and learned how to socialize.Unsurprisingly, once I did those things those problems went away.

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Indian male dating traits

Or charming and confident , at the heart of a social gatherings stealing all the attention with his wit? It's not that the problem is with the girls the problem lies with the men themselves.

Indian/ South Asians people are the most endogamic race in the whole wide world and they always keep to themselves as a result they tend be the most socially inept people as they don't interact outside their circles that much and eventually gets trapped into their circles which limits their social intelligence furthermore.

So how can an Indian men have success with dating western women?

No matter if they are white or some other ethnicity.

Sometimes, a few women and men friends of mine post these on Facebook with either an eye-roll, a pointed ‘no comment’ or as comment bait, but more often than not, they often go ignored by most of the folks I know personally. Living abroad, dating West Indian men can be like comfort food.

It’s almost like once you’ve been living with it all your life, like sunshine and warm oceans, it’s not that special — The Caribbean Man — and certainly not warranting all that list attention. I like hearing my own accent and dialect tumbling in my ear.

I have a great job, own my house and car, workout every day, eat healthy, great shape, lots of hobbies, socialize, etc, etc, yet I can't get a date for the life of me.

Every now and then, an article or two makes the rounds touting the pros of dating “a Caribbean man”, primarily for the elucidation of women outside of the region and our cultures.

Now since we have clear understanding of what is what, it's not all dark and bad news.

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