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All horses should be examined for twins with transrectal ultrasound.

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Is it to breed performance, show or pleasure horses?

Horse embryos are not more fragile than other species; it’s primarily that horses in general have poor reproductive performance (ability to maintain a conceptus). Stress, fever, uterine infections, hormone abnormalities and twins can all cause a mare to spontaneously abort.

Day 26 to 30 – confirms heartbeat and fact that fetus is alive.

Day 45 – elective examination that has no specific reason since endometrial cups should already be formed by this time.

Thirty days prior to foaling: Caslick’s procedures (when the vulva is sewn partially closed) should be opened or the patency of the vulvar lips should be confirmed.

All vaccinations should be administered to the mare protecting against diseases for which you would like the foal to be vaccinated.

Experienced equine veterinarians can feel a mechanical bulge in a mare’s uterus by Day 30 to 35 of gestation.

Typical intervals for checking mares are: Day 14 to 16 – confirms initial pregnancy and looks for twins.

If you consistently check mares at Day 14, at some point you will miss a younger twin that is 12 or 13 days old and too small to be visualized. If twins do survive, they are usually weak and/or non-viable.

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