Husband humiliation cuckolding and dating

Some husbands will fight the idea they are anything less than the ‘alpha male’ simply because they can’t handle the conflict internally of not being the ‘alpha male’.

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Other than fantasy I dont think either one of us expected it to become reality. She came home early the next morning and confessed what she did. First thing she had me do was buy her an airline ticket for her to fly out and see him in a week.

About a week ago my wife meets a guy she instantly fell for. I actually took her to the airport yesterday and as I am typing this she is with her new boyfriend a thousand miles away. We have always had a relationship where it was acceptable for her to date but not for me to.

There are really only two ways to (knowingly) share a wife as a husband: from a position of authority or from a position of non-authority.

Couples not overtly one or the other are leaving a natural part of their relationship on the table, unexplored.

As we mature, we are told to repress this behavior in favor of what our society tells us is acceptable social behavior.

This process of socially ranking each other continues to happen subconsciously at least for all of us.Those of us aware of this dynamic have more to work with. I say that because most people would rather follow than lead.The problem with this for males is it flies in the face of societal expectation.Although she did have a couple affairs early in our marriage she hasnt had one in about 5 years.As she puts it I cant sport fuck, I have to have an emotional attraction as well as a physical attraction.Without someone in ‘control’ there will be chaos (or at least a lot of room for uncertainty).

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