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Written by Angel Polacco Summer time is creeping up on Doha fast, and naturally we want to make the best out of the good weather before the heatwave hits.

Right now is ideal beach weather, so we’ve come up with some great beaches to hit up either over the weekend or, if you want more privacy, anytime during the week.

Fuwairit is also home to the Hawksbill sea turtle hatching site, but it depends on the season of course.

During this season, a section of the beach is closed and fenced off.

Photo credit: Jarasovi Maroona Beach (Map)To the south of Fuwairit beach is Maroona beach (credit: Simon Betterton). West of Qatar Photo credit: Angel Polacco Zekreet Beach (Map)Zekreet is known for its rock formations and the Richard Serra Art Piece located in the middle of the desert.

The terrain is slightly rockier in comparison to the other beaches, which are sandier. This too is a great place to visit either during the week or the weekend; it’s generally not busy.

This beach is also located close to many stores and restaurants so it’s easy to pick up supplies on the way. Photo credit: Stewart Lacey Inland Sea (Khor Al Adaid) via Sealine (Map)Inland Sea is a great spot for fishing and camping, especially during the winter season. The Inland Sea is actually located near the Qatar-Saudi border.

However to get to the Inland Sea, you have to drive through some sand dunes.

Simaisma is a great place to have beach barbecues, enjoy quality time with your family, and have fun!

Al Khor Family Beach (Map)This beach is very family-orientated.

Visitors are not permitted to interact with the turtles.

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