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This is because it is what our Pastor believes, through researching the Bible and letting God lead him, and so throughout the year he feels it is his duty to teach us what he believes.

Therefore, we learn why the Bible says that us ladies should not wear pants, show cleavage, wear makeup or jewelry, etc as listed below.

We may even be in the same church organization and differ widely in these standards.

For example, here’s a little story to show my point!

Immediately one of our newly converted ladies turned to us girls, who were her friends and the same age as her, and gave us a confused look.

Later in the hotel room the tight-knit group of the four of us had to sit down with her and explain that their pastor did not preach against it and that those girls were not purposefully disobeying the standards of holiness. Check out this cool You Tube clip by Tiffany Hubba about Apostolic Holiness!

Egyptians wore makeup, and every woman mentioned in the Bible who “paints their face” aka wears makeup was labelled a harlot or, excuse my lewd term, a whore (ex, Jezebel).

Up until relatively recently, only prostitutes wore makeup.

Mine personally just asks for a sleeve that covers the underarm and is not a cap sleeve.

I have seen a range from any type of sleeve, to a sleeve that must reach down to their wrists.

KCzv NQYx M ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are the standards I follow and when applicable I will list what my church does and then variations that may be encountered: ~Ladies wear skirts that end below the knee in public and men wear pants that cover their legs in public. My church says it only has to be below the knee, but some churches require it to be floor length.) ~In public, ladies do not wear shirts that show cleavage or stomach, and both men and women wear some form of sleeves.

(The sleeves issue is widely different across all churches.

My pastor has also taught a couple of sermons about how when Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden God made them clothing from animal fur.

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