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And when they do look, they’re often bitterly disappointed.We partner with local dating professionals to help you meet educated and successful singles like you, so you can stop looking for love and start enjoying it.

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You just complete our Quick Start questionnaire and based on factors like your age and where you live, our system will instantly recommend a local matchmaker for you. You get a free consultation with the matchmaker and engage their services if you feel it’s right for you.

It doesn't cost you anything to use this website and you are not obligated in any way.

Many of our clients have no problem meeting people, but often struggle to meet the right people.

Between work, family and personal commitments, there’s very little time to look.

Modern Professional Matchmakers leverage technology and the internet to enlarge their pool and increase their effectiveness, but they still screen every client face-to-face, so you need to connect with a local matchmaker.

If you’re near a major city in the United States or Canada, Professional Matchmaking is probably an option for you and we can help you get started.It’s an important point.) We are not an online dating company.We are a portal to a nationwide network of independent professional matchmakers.And unlike online dating, all applicants are screened and verified to ensure their information is accurate and they’re a good fit for our membership.This has been our work since before there was such a thing as online dating. Fulfilling relationships have foundations in compatibility. Pretty faces and profile factoids are not only unreliable windows to a person’s character, but they can actually obscure it. Swiping and chatting divert you from the discovery of worthwhile people. Chances are you can’t even tell, because you can no longer see them through objective eyes.Dating should be meaningful and rewarding, not stressful and miserable.

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