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Absence of a search option makes the process of finding an appropriate match all the more lengthy and tedious. The app and the site has been customized and designed in such a way that it enhances user experience to a large extent.

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There are four additional points for programmers, which includes access to your server if you maintain one yourself, as well as your code.

If you play a lot of video games, watch a lot of television, or have issues tolerating your neighbors, you need not apply.

The best part of this website is that it is dynamic in nature is constantly adding some thing or the other to the site.

The drawbacks of this site could be that the approval on this site is never available instant.

Although one of the flaws with the site could be that it has no video integrated as a part of the site.

Also there are only a limited number of matches and there are almost no search options.

So, if you’re at least 20 years old and meet at least 28 of the 30 criteria listed over on Git Hub, and are interested in talking to a 30-something currently living and working in Tokyo, maybe you should head over to Git Hub.

Or, maybe you should submit a feature request to the social coding platform to install a personals section.

Noriko Higashi (norinori2222 on github) recently posted “boyfriend_require” to her public repository.

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