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The Scoop: is a free dating site dedicated to helping HIV-positive singles find friendship and love.

The platform was built by a straight man who lives with HIV and can relate to the unique struggles of singles in the HIV community.

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“There were no real dating services for HIV-positive people back then,” said the spokesperson for

“Anyone who had been diagnosed with HIV had a stigma placed on their backs.

Many of today’s dating sites are owned and operated by massive companies with deep pockets and little personal stake in the site’s mission. This niche site is the passion project of two ordinary individuals who want to help the HIV community.

We may not know their names, but their good intentions are clear.

You do not have to add a photo, but profiles with photos will be featured higher in search results and generally receive more attention on the site.

The site’s owners have a firm policy against spammers and will boot unsavory characters off the site.

They were discriminated against, and people feared them when they found out they were HIV-positive.

So they needed a way to date others who were like them.”’s founder is straight, so he originally designed the site for heterosexual relationships.

fosters a safe place where singles who feel alone, confused, or hopeless can meet people who understand what they’re going through and can offer a shoulder to cry on.

The personal chats can sometimes become mini support groups where singles seek answers to their questions or vent frustrations about the healthcare system or medical issues.

They can only respond to messages sent by paid users.

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