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Thats when I decided to use her key and sneek inside and see what was going on.

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Mom would talk very nasty to my dad and I couldn't believe it was my sweet church loving mother talking like that.

In the heat of their love making, I've heard her say "God I love your big fat cock" or "do you want to fuck my big fat ass daddy" and then there's my favorite, "do you want momma to take her teeth out and suck your big cock baby".

About an hour later, Pastor Bob pulled up and dropped mom off.

Mom said that they had prayed and everything was going to be alright but she wouldn't tell me what the problem was.

When I got there I saw the preacher and all the deacons cars parked next to moms by the side door.

I figured they had all gone inside so I tried the door but it was locked.Many in the church including my mom, believe God talks directly to Pastor Bob.Deacon Ed is a big man in his early fities who is widowed, Deacon Ray is in his early fifties and his wife is in a nursing home and Deacon Tom is a large dark skinned black man that is single.Mom didn't tell me what it was all about but I was already curious.The next evening, mom was getting ready to go clean the church and she seemed nervous.Me and mom go to church Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings and Sunday nights and we never miss.

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