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For instance, the addict might buy high-tech gadgets for the kids or fancy restaurant meals for the spouse.

Coambs says the addict’s mindset goes something like this: “I feel really bad about what I’m doing.

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It’s the quintessential story of the frog in the boiling pot that doesn’t even know he’s in a boiling pot until it’s too late.”In general, Coambs says, one massive expense related to sex addiction doesn’t push an addict into financial distress.

Usually, the erosion of financial stability happens slowly, with debt piling up in $100 or $200 increments rather than in one $50,000 chunk, Coambs says.

While a secret credit card might be an extreme example, out-of-control sexual behavior and out-of-control credit card behavior easily can go hand in hand.

For instance, someone who lost his job due to a sexual addiction – perhaps he obsessively viewed porn on a work computer – might lean heavily on a credit card to pick up household expenses.

This can cause an addict to dig an even deeper financial hole.

“It’s an accumulation over a period of time that typically is what gets people in trouble.Once the man’s employer uncovered his credit card shenanigans, the padded expenses had reached 0,000 a year, Giugliano says. Frequent business trips like the ones taken by the fired executive can provide cover for out-of-control sexual behavior and, in some instances, out-of-control credit card spending.These trips allow sex addicts to “act out” anonymously and away from home, leading “dual lives,” Coambs says.People find themselves in debt for many reasons, but sex addicts might find their problems directly related to their need for sexual pleasure.Not only can sexual addiction cause emotional and physical damage, but it also can max out credit cards and sink an addict and his or her family into debt.I don’t know how to stop myself, so I’m going to buy things for my family as part of a mask or a way to keep them at distance. Daddy loves you, Mommy loves you.’” Coambs says a sex addict also might turn to shopping, enabled by purchases made on a credit card, as “self-soothing behavior.” “It’s a way of trying to perk themselves back up after they feel the low of the sex addiction,” he says.

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