Fake dating profile freddie highmore dating dakota fanning

That is why we have made public our database of fake profiles and scammers.

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If you see a questionable profile on Cyber Dating, you can search our database to see if someone else has used the same text or photo in a previous dating scam.

On the Cyber Dating Network Websites we are constantly on the lookout for fake profiles.

Those accounts are often found and terminated quickly on the major dating sites.

So by the time you respond, the account may have been deleted.

The Question“How do you know that the profile is for real and not something made up to get you to join the online dating site?

I would get lots of emails from a dating site so I would join it, and then the emails just stop. ”– Anonymous The Honest Answer To avoid online dating scams, your best bet is to stick with the major online dating sites that have been around for a few years and have a large member base.

And then, if you still don’t here anything, move on.

There are situations where the person messaging you could be a scammer trying to contact you for whatever reason.

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The larger sites also have a public image to protect, which works in your favor.

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