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Adding the URL to your wedding website where more details can be found is also recommended.Notifying your guests 6-8 months before your wedding day should be ample time.Your invitation is the centerpiece of your wedding stationery.

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Also, you are not obligated to send a save the date to every potential guest if you anticipate changes.

When wording your save the dates, something to note is that they are typically less formal than wedding invitations, so feel free to have as much fun as you’d like!

When wording your invitations, we suggest that you follow traditional etiquette to the extent that you find it helpful.

Wording depends on who is hosting the event as well as the type of ceremony you are having.

Any guest who receives a save the date must also get an invitation.

Therefore it’s important that your guest list is firm before sending these out!

Guests will need ample time to plan and giving them that time means you will end up with a more accurate guest count.

While not required, save the dates are becoming more and more common.

Do not invite more guests than your venue or budget will allow.

Destination Weddings Destination wedding invitations should be sent 12 weeks before the wedding date, and we recommend setting your response date for six weeks before the wedding date.

We generally advise couples to mail their invitations approximately 8 weeks prior to their wedding day.

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