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For secretory phase endometrial dating, ovulation is used as the primary reference point.Originally, ovulation was assumed to occur on day 14 of the menstrual cycle and the days after ovulation numbered accordingly.Tissue from the fundus of the uterus gives the most reliable information.

Absence of organic endometrial disease and availability of accurate menstrual history were the only selection criteria. 42 of the 300 patients (14%) menstruated on the day predicted, 36 (12%) menstruated later, and 222 (74%) menstruated earlier.

When a or- 1 day error was allowed, 112 patients (38%) were found to menstruate at the time predicted.

In addition, the original description fixed the time of ovulation with the onset of the period after the biopsy.

The onset of ovulation can be more accurately determined using current modalities, such as determination of the midcycle urinary luteinizing hormone surge or ultrasonic identification of the collapse of a follicle.

During the 1st week of luteal activity, attention should be focused on changes occurring in gland epithelium: gland mitosis, pseudostratification of nuclei, basal vacuolation, and secretion.

During the 2nd week , stromal changes (including edema), predecidual reaction, stromal mitosis, and leukocytic infiltration are the key criteria.

The secretory phase was definitely shorter in the biopsied than control cycle, suggesting that biopsy does accelerate the onset of flow.

However, further analysis showed that biopsy does not interfere with length of flow or succeeding menstrual rhythm.

refers to the determination of how closely the histologic characteristics of the endometrium match what is expected on the corresponding day of the menstrual cycle.

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