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' Life is just a mirror and what you see out there, you must first see inside you ' ' Life diesn't require that we be the best, only that try our best ' am not here for those racists and scammers,am looking for real friends those who will not get tired of replying my mail.i do not care whether you are white or black,all i care is are you GODS you in my inbox I am a 45 year old single Canadian male who enjoys reading and corrasponding with those of similar interests, watching great movies, bowling. I'm quite introverted and struggle to talk to people on my own accord.

I like baseball, swimming, tennis, football and hockey as a sports. So I really want to be the professional tennis player when I live school. My best friends are Sami and Daniel who’s from Turkey and S.

It was a curious time because we have never meet and I don't know what he and she doing . :) Best wishes, Jo (Learn English Teens team) I don't have a penfriend, I always use whatsapp to be in contact with my friends and rarely use e-mail, just for my homework or to send something important to print.

Most people link back to their personal site on their social media profiles, particularly on Linked In and Twitter, so see if you can find their website there and use that information to run additional searches.

It is important to note that all of the information is user provided, so that means there is no guarantee it is accurate.

Best whishes Nathan I don't have a penfriend . I had use E-mail in the night to communicate penfriend . Please read our House Rules - they're for everyone's safety.

However, you can't make direct contact with other users so you can't become penfriends. On weekends I like to watch soccer because it is my favorite sport. Because I forget everything, and I'm very lazy, so we won't have a lot of conversations, and we constantly lose our friendship.

There is 2 bedrooms and 2 studying room and 1 big livingroom with piano.

I live far from school so I go to the school by schoolbus.

I hope that well, because I am enjoying the preparatoty, although I miss you. But some of my friends have one and they said that is amazing, because you can learn a lot of someone only by sending emails and also you can find people of different parts of the world. Hi Julia, On Learn English Teens you can write comments and communicate with other teenage learners from around the world. I live very far from my school that it takes an hour to arrive and I have to get up very early. My best friends are Martha and Samantha and we like going to the movies and ice skating. Hi Jose Juan, How are you I am just writing this letter because I want to now if you are going to visit my house next week the good thing is that we are penfriends and I can noticed you about everything, give me a mail please see you later. And if someday I would have one, I'll be a terrible penfriend.

It could be great bye No, I don't have any penfriend.

Sometimes the Contact Us page will yield results, but more often than not you are greeted by a form (and your message gets dumped into a customer service bucket somewhere), so don't be surprised if this doesn't work.

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