El cajon dog park dating

Get ready to take a week off from using the stair-master.This epic hike is one of the most challenging and strenuous in San Diego County, and its countless ups-and-downs will work your quads, calves, and glutes into meek submission.Many sections of the trail follow a severely sloping track up a heavily eroded fire road that can be slippery and treacherous at times.

El cajon dog park dating

This is a great photo op if you’re taking this hike with a group, or it may simply be another place to stop and catch your breath.

After more studious effort, you will reach a point where the trail finally flattens out a bit and comes to a four-way junction.

The trail comes up over a ridge that reveals the hard work ahead of you.

The El Capitan formation will be off to the south of the main peak, which hides behind a few false summits.

Unlike the gym, however, this trip over one of the most rugged and challenging landscapes in the county will grant you spectacular views and bragging rights to reward you for your diligence. Gower, the landscape here exhibits countless examples of exposed granodiorite that has been eroded into smooth, rounded shape through spheroidal weathering.

El Cajon Mountain is the high point of a large block of granite that rises up above the town of El Cajon. This long, slow chemical process wears away the edges of the rock over millions of years, producing the rock formations so common across San Diego’s interior.

Finally, this is not a hike to attempt on a hot day.

Between the exposure, the climbing, and the length, taking this hike on a hot day is a recipe for disaster.

Begin at the staging area just off Wildcat Canyon Road and walk .5 mile uphill to the proper trailhead, which features pit toilets and a picnic bench.

From here, you will immediately commence a tough climb through chaparral that winds up along a west-facing slope. Woodson provide a preview of the view over the next 5.5 miles of hiking.

The mileage markers kindly – or cruelly – display the elevation profile partially as an indicator of a progress and also a warning for the faint-of-heart.

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