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Is that because they don't want to risk their facial tics giving away their murderous intentions or because they just don't have good manners? Whether they immediately forget details you just shared (if they start calling you by the wrong name repeatedly, run), or just totally dominate the conversation, it's a bad sign — they clearly aren't good at communication, which is essential in a relationship.

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Pass.[Photo: Bravo] Searching for the best true crime podcasts?

Subscribe to Martinis & Murder and join hosts Daryn Carp and John Thrasher as they chat about creepy crimes and unsolved mysteries...

Nothing, and we mean NOTHING, screams romance more than a bit of axe throwing, or a mid-air barrel run. Skypeak is the aerial adventure you’ll want to hit up for a touch of romantic adrenaline. If you have the guts, Paniq Room is the ultimate extreme date and adventure mission. Solve puzzles and break the codes to escape with your date before the timer runs out. There are a heap of coaches to help you master the art of the bullseye, which means guaranteed bragging rights. Hit up one of Sydney’s biggest water parks for an extreme aqua adventure.

And we’ve only got one word to say to dates like that: yawn. That might actually be a dream come true for some of you (no judgement there). The team at Maniax is giving you the thrill of throwing hatchets at wooden targets (and yep, it’s even better than it sounds).

You’ll get lessons in flying trapeze, circus, aerial arts and juggling (for anyone wishing to stay a tad more grounded).

Hot tip: catching your date after they swing off an eight metre high platform is totally optional. Take your dating to the next level, here are 6 extreme dates to try in Sydney! And if you’re a total newbie to rock climbing— even better, everyone needs a laugh. This place is pretty much your one-way ticket to winning the ‘Date of the Year’ award. Plus, there’s a seriously awesome Aqua Park, boasting a series of inflatable slides, runways, jumping pillows and structures all connected together. It's time to change up your dating scene with activities that are sure to make your heart pound harder than your very first kiss. That means mid-air bridge walks, barrel runs, rope climbs, chasm jumps, trapeze swing and an epic tree climb, by epic we aren’t kidding, it’s eight stories high. Let’s be honest, so many things could go wrong (or right) with this one. Yep, there’s not much that can go wrong with this one. Penrith Water Park has cable wakeboarding with beginner ramps and obstacles, or if you really want to impress your date, you can take on some of the bigger units (it’s worth the risk for love, right? You may not be as graceful as the elite wake boarders, but that’s hardly the point.while sipping on killer drinks from our murderous mixologist Matt the Bartender.Each episode will focus on a new true crime, with all the gory details, and a cocktail recipe to get you through.Condescension is a turn-off, plus you know who else thought they were superior to everyone else? Constantly On Their Phone The whole point of setting aside time for a first date is to get to know one another, not to simply have an audience as one scrolls through Instagram.

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