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If the profile is accurate, Joal Ong is apparently a famous Instagram star in Singapore who was born on Feb 16, 1994. Many may know Joal Ong as another top Singapore influencer, Christabel Chua (Bellywellyjelly)’s ex-boyfriend.

The pair dated casually for 9 months before officially getting together.

Be sure to ask the majority of fans: Sofie Stougaard is where people can actually be used to rein bohemian prodigal son??

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" (Someone in April called Edison Chen upgraded as Dad) To talk about Sofie Stougaard's dealings with Edison Chen, Lin Chi-ling had to be mentioned, and Xiaobian knew when they'd both been dating or publicly cursing Lin Chi-ling from Edison Chen.

Eat melon people review things after: On the night of July 27 last year, Edison Chen scolded Lin Chi-ling on social media, causing public outcry.

Daniel Wu , LISA S couple, Xiaofei Wang , big S couple, owner Wang Zhonglei , all celebrated. Sofie Stougaard was wearing a VERA WANG wedding was married to Lei Zhao, Sofie Stougaard is said to be the daughter of VERA WANG, for several years as the spokesman.

But do not know what is the reason, the two married life is not happy.

Lin Chi-ling then tears Said: "I hope Edison Chen will be able to communicate directly with myself instead of involving the media and the public in a negative voice." Lin Chi-ling broker revealed the reasons for both sides, Edison Chen publicly curse Lin Chi-ling the truth turned out to "goddess's dress" Sofie Stougaard was replaced, Edison Chen find middleman asked Lin broker is not Lin Chi -ling tricks in the middle Seeing the events more and more complex, Edison Chen and Sofie Stougaard have issued a document, once again the event to the pinnacle of public opinion.

Subsequently, the producer of "My New Clothes" also gave a response to clarify that when the original program was cast, one of them was a supermodel.On July 29, Lin Chi-ling and Edison Chen attended the press conference in Shanghai respectively.Edison Chen, who preceded the press conference, shouted out at Lin Chi-ling in the hope of coming out with reasons.There are still traces of him remaining online though.His Sound Cloud account is still around and his Famous Birthday profile for celebrities like him is still online.On an issue of CLEO Magazine, Joal was interviewed under an article titled “Boyfriends of Instagram” in September 2016.

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