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It is all a cat and mouse game where the hotel security will look the other way if the management wants them to. an online portal in the UAE for dating and love and marriage go here, it has an English interface.

Be respectful as I think most of these people are looking for sincere love.

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However, there are from time to time diamonds in the rough, real Cinderellas.

The issue is economical means dictates one statue and relative freedom in this world.

You can not replace that with a nice hotel and afternoon jet skiing.

Dubai fountains or the Burj Khalifa or Burj Al Arab towners are trivial folly compared to winning a beautiful girl’s heart and spending an afternoon with her in the park. Everyday I can see great sites, but who cares if I come home from work and do not have my wife. If you are single and working in Dubai or travelling to there, have plans to find a woman or you will be lonely, single and depressed.

I wish Western women behaved more like Muslim women, can you imagine how harmonious our society would be.

There are many tourist girls, however, that still does not solve your problem of how to find a girl in Dubai. You are basically in the middle of a hot desert with no chicks and few trees.

I do not care if you are staying in a five-star hotel with two bellhops standing out your door with water 24/7; if there is no reasonable supply of girls to choose from for dating, what good is it? A place to work where relative wages compared to back home (India) and enjoy nature, but not a place women gravitate to. They can pave the roads with gold, but if they do not attract females to change the ratio the city is in a word, a desert.

I would rather sit on a park bench with a beautiful girl holding hands, reading a book under the shade of lush green trees than sit on a throne of gold alone. One more thing, the odds are not going to change anytime soon. If you ask me women are the only thing on this earth worth enjoying, all other forms of activity became droll and frivolous.

Here is my list of best places to meet women in Dubai if you are single.

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