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When we finally draw our gaze from the rock face we are confronted with spectacular views of the reserve spread out below us.

All in all, the experience takes us an hour and half return trip.

The images and ideas that were used by the ancient artists always differ from site to site and country to country. In Southern Africa and particularly in Namibia the artists were mainly San (Bushmen) hunters.

An analysis of more than 15 000 rock engravings in Namibia has confirmed that animals, their spoors and abstract motives of images are represented almost equally. The age of rock engravings is believed to range from 2 000 to 6 000 years old while some painted images have been dated up to 25 000 years old.

Giants Castle Game Reserve is our next stop and only an hour away by car. Only a short 30 minute walk from the visitor parking lot along wooden walkways.

On arrival a guide meets us and leads us though a fenced area – which offers protection from vandals.

The Drakensberg’s Rock Art is one of the many jewels that the region, awarded World Heritage Site status in 2000, has to offer.

From walking, hiking, biking, climbing and trekking this vast landscape is a wonderland for nature enthusiasts.Then, after a steep ascent we enter the rock shelter. The ancient paintings are vivid and remarkably complete despite their age.We listen as our guide explains the panels — bringing their depictions to life.From here, we reach the rock face along further wooden walkways, which not only safeguard the art but also elevate our views, while our guide passionately describes the scenes.Two murals draw my interest — one is a snake, not uncommon in San rock art, depicted coiled atop the hard rock surface.While slightly disappointed that the site was not as well preserved as Kamberg, Main Caves was, however, easy to reach and remarkable in its own right.

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