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I’ve traveled more with Larry than my wife or anyone else.” On the R-rated “Hangover” franchise the pair have tried to make the films look less like comedies, “which tend to be bright, because, I guess, bright is funny.

We tried to give them a more cinematic look.” Phillips and Sher prefer to avoid second-unit work, though they’ve used it occasionally, especially on “The Hangover Part II,” which was shot in Thailand. “It was hot and packed and crowded — and they don’t give a shit.

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In reality, mental health is just one of the “invisible” diversity issues, or private identities, that affect people …

Fresh on the heels of Mental Illness Awareness Week (https://org/Get-Involved/Awareness-Events/Mental-Illness-Awareness-Week), I recalled how the recent suicides of designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain highlighted unseen issues that can affect people whom we think we know.

Other issues include substance use disorder, or prior incarceration.

All of these are the types of private identities people often are unwilling to discuss, even though they impact the workplace experience as much as race, gender and other more obvious identities.

In 2013, an African American, baby boomer named Tammy Williams, GPHR, PMP, president and founder of She’s It LLC®(Social Health Empowerment thru IT®), asked and answered the question, “Can tech change the way you think about yourself?

” with the launch of her framework for a mobile application that would support and encourage personal engagement in one’s health and well-being.“We do so much prep that we don’t have to speak so much on set,” say Phillips.“I’m dealing with actors, so we just trust each other and have a shorthand.” Phillips adds: “We’ve flown the world together. All those people in the movie, they’re not extras.” As Sher’s career advances, Phillips acknowledges that it’s getting harder to book him.“That’s my guy Larry,” says director Todd Phillips upon learning that Variety has selected his favorite DP, Lawrence Sher, as a billion-dollar cinematographer.The duo have worked together on a half dozen films, including all three installments of the “Hangover” franchise, “Due Date,” “War Dogs” and the upcoming “Joker,” with Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro, due out from Warner Bros. “Larry has the most fantastic eye and instinct, and he works harder than anyone I’ve ever met,” says Phillips. I talk to him about the making of the movie, not just the look. I let him know way in advance about when we’re shooting so he’ll be available.” The director and DP begin their collaboration way before shooting starts.If you’re shooting on the street in New York there are cops and traffic cones.

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