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It’s multi-platform, running on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux/Free BSD, and some mobile devices.And it’s considerably easier to use than Super Memo..For example:, where we read, watch or listen to something without pausing to consider if we know the answer.

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And while very old versions are made available for free, they are quite limited for modern use. There are free clients for Anki available on many platforms, so struggling students and teachers with budgetary constraints are not left out.

It’s open source, with an already flourishing library of add-ons contributed by end-users.

The only problem is that traditionally review was not very practical.

If you are using paper flashcards, it’s easy to flick through all of them if you only have 30 of them to review, but as the number grows to 300 or 3000, it quickly becomes unwieldy. He observed that we tend to remember things more effectively if we spread reviews out over time, instead of studying multiple times in one session.

For example, if you’re studying basic chemistry, you might see a question like: is a group of cards.

You can place cards in different decks to study parts of your card collection instead of studying everything at once.

This was a great improvement over a single box of cards, and it has been widely adopted by computerized flashcard software.

It is a rather rough approach however, as it can’t give you an exact date on which you should review something again, and it doesn’t cope very well with material of varying difficulty.

This is based on a paper flashcard with a question on one side and the answer on the back.

In Anki a card doesn’t actually look like a physical card, and when you show the answer the question remains visible by default.

There are two reasons for this: You have probably encountered active recall testing in your school years without even realizing it.

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