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It seems that when skaters are not grinding and sliding on their decks, they are grinding and sliding with their dicks.

And though dreamy-eyed teen girls would presumably be most vulnerable to the wiles of these foxes on four wheels, it is perhaps adult women who have found themselves most besotted with the enchanting ragamuffins ollieing their way into our grown-ass hearts.

I could listen to him ramble on about skateboarding for hours.

Rachel is 30 but is frequently mistaken for a teen, so it was no surprise when she reported primarily attracting art-school girls and skater boys from the Lower East Side lately.

“I started feeling like it was my duty to take them home, like I was giving back to the community,” she told me via text.

My friend Olivia is someone I thought I knew and understood.

She is a 30-year-old professional with a solid career and a tastefully appointed apartment. But I recently learned that Olivia has an unusual thirst.

I was first made aware of the skater-as-adult-lust-object when Olivia found herself romantically and sexually entangled with not one but two skaters.

I was skeptical of the second dalliance because the skater in question was quite a bit younger.They range from tender longing (“Skater boys will forever have my heart”) to unbridled desire (“I love y’all disgusting ass skater boys come kiss me on the face fuck me up”). She noted that their athletic bods were often banged up in a perfect Goldilocks ratio of smooth, sun-kissed skin to skating scars.Still more express mixed feelings (“I love skater boys but they’re so vicious”) and pondered what engagement with a skater boy might to do them (Poll: Skater boys will … “The appeal began just because they’re so sexually nonaggressive, which is rare and refreshing in men,” she explained more seriously.In a not especially exciting or dangerous suburb, skating seemed downright dissident before we were old enough to be politicized.And while I hate to spoil an otherwise tongue-in-cheek story about fucking dudes on skateboards, there was something almost melancholy about the desire of the women I spoke to.“Growing up in a very strict household, I was immediately drawn to anything that seemed rebellious.” I must admit experiencing a similar attraction when I was in middle school.

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