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I thought the issue would finally be put to bed, so to speak, as soon as the year’s Singles in America blog posts died down. It turned out was waiting until today to unleash a whole new slew of sexy redhead stats, which are posted below.Although we know what they were getting at, it’s pretty awkward that they released the numbers on St. I know what people who disagree with me will say: stereotypes exist for a reason. And usually, they exist because the people who believe them have limited mental facilities.

Also, the study doesn’t specify whether the women they surveyed were natural redheads or not.

If someone’s dying her hair red to fit into some kind of sex-bomb persona, odds are she’s going to be more sexually active, right?

The technical term for the fetish of redheads is Rutiluphilia.

From this derives the name given to people with a ginger fetish, ‘Rutiluphile’.

Patrick’s Day — an incredibly un-sexy holiday that reminds many Irish Americans of either puking in a gutter, or eating corned beef and cabbage with their grandparents — to release the numbers. I have a feeling people think redheads are slutty for the same reason people think Catholic school girls are slutty: they just really want them to be.

They’re obviously in on the joke, but the thought of a bro blog getting ahold of these numbers — “Redheads are officially the sluttiest slampieces!

Yeah, no, you can't mimic this kind of glorious sparkling orange/red.

The best part about redheads is that their hair can be so many different shades of blonde, red, and orange. I haven't found solid research and evidence that suggests this is completely true, but I have found from personal experience that redheads do have more of a tolerance for heat.

So there you have it: an interesting nugget of information for your pal who enjoys dating redheads.

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