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Since these conditions are not directly caused by the trauma to the brain, they are not rated here but are rated separately.

Infections (like meningitis) can also result from TBI and cause damage to the tissues of the brain.

The brain controls every single function in the entire body, whether it be involuntary (beating the heart, digesting food, etc.), voluntary (moving the arm, speaking, etc.), or cognitive (thinking, problem solving, making decisions, etc.).

Likewise, TBI can cause blocks in the blood-flow or hemorrhaging, which can deprive the brain of the essential nutrients it needs to function.

If the blood is unable to take its nutrients to the brain for 4 minutes or longer, damage to the brain cells becomes permanent.

Similarly, there may be other conditions that occur at the same time as the TBI.

These conditions could include skin burns, exposure to toxic substances, amputations, etc.

If the TBI causes tears in the soft tissues surrounding the brain, this liquid can leak out, disrupting brain function.

TBI can also cause the fluid to build up in certain areas, causing increased pressure on that area of the brain (“hydrocephalus”).

If the brain condition is caused by an illness or is genetic, then it is not considered TBI and cannot be rated here.

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