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I should know, I've had one of those failed things too. This predicament persisted for approximately 8 years since their last intimate contact which she described as 2 rings lower than the 7th Bolgia of hell if that is itself even possible. The "it" part of course is that she cannot let "it" go.

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Nonetheless, if she was this way with her husband during their marriage, I can honestly say this is a person a man should avoid.

In either event it was a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" proposition and this was not the kind of person I would want to kick off a new relationship with.

" I tried to remind her that she informed me they are now separated. The irony of this situation is I didn't ask to begin with.

And so fellow flirters tonight will be lonely for her and myself, as I have erased her phone number from my cell phone and memory. She offered this on her own, and I suppose she was looking for "therapy".

Sorry, I just think she was in the wrong, all the way around. I believe her husband decided to end the marriage and then get involved with the coworker.

I am not certain he slept with the coworker before ending it with the wife.She was obviously not ready for the dating world and I am not ready for additional and unnecessary dramas.Love is supposed to be fun, relaxing, comfortable and intimate. This woman is not attracted to her husband, withholds sex for 8 years, gets angry with him for getting himself some and then while on a date (first date?There is a reason why dating at my age truly does "suck".Its hard enough having an accent in Georgia that isn't Southern, its also much harder to find a woman that wants a man who actually "gets" some things.Starting it off with a lot of "piss and vinegar" is an enormous mistake which will result in a tremendous waste of time and energy. ) unloads all the garbage on her companion, asks for an honest opinion and gets angry (again) when the guy doesn't agree with her.

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