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He wants to bring the dating software business to the people who need it and create more competition in a space currently dominated by a handful of foreign companies.The i Date Media reseller package comes ready to go.We didn’t know what she meant until she held up the poster boards and a thick wad of colorful cash. That lesson holds true in the dating industry as well.

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If you already know PHP and have a understand of databases you almost there.

The Scoop: Entrepreneurs can sometimes struggle to find a profitable niche in the dating industry, but Robert Hames of i Date Media struck gold as a dating software provider in 2001.

She came in with a stack of poster boards and handed out Monopoly money.

For the low price of five fake dollars, we could buy a poster board and start a protest in the classroom.

“The reality is the space needs more providers doing more things for the good of the industry.” Robert and his team of part-time developers are disrupting the dating industry by giving business owners a chance to become technical professionals.

The team may be small, but they have the potential to make a huge impact on small businesses.

His determination to share his knowledge can change the industry’s landscape and put high-grade technology in the hands of the dreamers and doers in the space.

Every i Date Media client receives the VIP treatment and can rely on the software company to provide guidance on every aspect of setting up and running a dating site as well as becoming a dating software provider.

Thanks to i Date Media’s custom packages, dating professionals can launch a dating site and a hosting service at the same time.

The company offers source code, mobile plugins, and administrative features to get new dating software providers up and running.

Robert estimates that dating software providers could make as much as 0,000 a year.

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