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Brooke v Silky and Yvie v Brooke in particular were said to be close lip syncs by people in the audience, but you wouldn’t know from what we saw, it was sooo obvious who was winning by how they edited them.

I actually said that to my friend this morning on how I quickly figured out who is going to win.

So please keep all post-show speculation here and in the "Dear Diary" thread instead of creating new threads. If your favourite didn't win or you didn't agree with the results, it's not the end of the world.

Every Queen deserves their kudos and they've all worked hard. However, everyone keeps saying akeria didnt know the words to sos but I dont see it.Yvie from the neck up was glorious (Neck down, meh.She should've shelled out the money to have a perfect wax replica if her head/face made for the back instead of that Ornacia looking thing...And Brooke didn't need it because she's literally the best dancer the show has ever seen and wiped the floor with Silky.I would have been pleased with Brooke or Yvie winning, honestly.or better yet, it should've been Ornacia back there...

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