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Here, we’ve rounded up ten must-read winter romance novels.

These are the books we’ll be swiping right on, and we think you will too.

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She’s always considered him to be off limits, but when Tom shows up on her doorstep, single for the first time in years, all bets are off.

As they work together to renovate the house she inherited from her grandmother, sparks begin to fly and it’s only a matter of time before they give in.

Five close friends take the plunge into online dating in this hilarious new novel from Christina Lauren.

UC Santa Barbara staffers Millie, Reid, Ed, Chris, and Alex make a pact to join the IRL dating app to find plus ones for an upcoming event.

In the aftermath of the shooting, he lost his family and his Olympic dreams.

He’s moved, changed his name, and altered his appearance.It’s there she meets Shade Ganavan, the attractive and arrogant bounty hunter determined to turn her in to pay off his gambling debt.Can these star-crossed lovers find a way to work together?The fact that the vaccines they stole are being delivered to an orphanage doesn’t matter to him or the army he’s sent to capture Tess.With a bounty on her head and a damaged ship on her hands, Tess takes her team to planet Albion 5 to hide out and work on repairs.Lord Alexander Pyne-ffoulkes and his father the Duke of Ilvar have a strained relationship at best.

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