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A few days after the arrest, the suspect was released Prostitutes bail.

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Our indignation Prostitutes translate to actions and measures to stop it.

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Corruption and prostitution are flourishing because of the country's inability to enforce law and prosecute criminals.

18-year-old Leilane (name changed by the editor) now dreams of a career as a stewardess.

There are entire generations trapped in the sex industry – the daughters of ever-recurring trauma.

Trafficking in disaster areas Women and girls from disaster-struck areas such as the region affected by Typhoon Haiyan are particularly at risk.DW speaks to economist Rajiv Biswas about what is driving growth in the country.() As the Philippines mourns the deaths of policemen killed in an anti-terror operation, many fear the collapse of a peace deal with MILF rebels.A hub The Philippines, along with Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, is a global hub for child and teenage prostitutes.Sex tourism is widespread in many Philippine cities and is one of the most lucrative income sources of organized criminal groups.DW speaks to Steven Rood about the political impact of the recent firefight.

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