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Java Man Java man is an interesting discovery to note that the find was not a complete specimen, but consisted merely of a skullcap, a femur, and three teeth.

The theory was inspired by other discoveries such as Tollund Man and Lindow Man.

He would have suffered unusual blood loss with no treatment available.

Rainer Hölz - created an hour long documentary of Otzi. Helmut Simon - discoverer, went for a walk disappeared and was found dead 8 days later. The theory talks a little prequel to his death, a sequence of events that could have happened before Otzi's struggling death.

Tom Loy - ground breaking DNA analysis on the corpse, died of blood clot. DNA samples done on Otzi man revealed blood traces of four other people, The events are understood as Otziwas able to kill two of his rivals with the same arrowhead pulling it successfully out each time.

It is the first book on the most exciting anthropological discovery.

The latest issue of Science (10/31/03) includes an article entitled "Iceman's Origins and Wanderings." The article presents the results when the minerals found in Ötzi's teeth, bones, and intestines were compared to those found in soil and water samples taken from a wide area of the Tyrolean Alps.

He also had several cuts in hands, wrist and chest.

Influenced by the "Curse of Pharaohs" it was believed that Otzi mummy was cursed.

The discovery of the ancient body also gave us great insight to our past.

My key areas of research will concentrate mainly on the aspects that prove this iceman to be a trader: What makes us believe he was a trader?

The claim is that the deaths of some main people connected to the discovery and examination of Otzi have died under mystifying conditions.

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