Dating madame alexander

The ones made from the 1930s to 1940s used sawdust composition material.

In 1950, the Madam Alexander company started constructing dolls with plastic.

Most of these dolls will be clearly marked on their back or head with an Alexander marking and clothing tags usually give the doll characters name on a tag sewn into a seam.

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Antique doll databases, such as Doll and Alexander, lists various Madame Alexander dolls with pictures.

The official company website, Madame, lists the name of many of its modern, contemporary and antique dolls.

Many Madame Alexander dolls have the Madame Alexander signature sewed into the hairline, nape of the neck or clothing label. Alexander" or "Alexander." More modern dolls only have the name "Alex." These markings are not on every Madame Alexander doll, so ones without it are not automatically eliminated.

Madame Alexander's most famous collections feature pop culture figures.

Therefore, collectors differentiate antique and vintage dolls by these details.

The Madame Alexander dolls made before the 1930s used felt and other fabrics.

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Very Good condition showing minor use and wear with messy hair, no cracks, breaks or damage (as pictured).

Maggie face dolls are marked: Alex, Alexander or (usually) unmarked.1948-1950 Alexander Mary Martin doll, 14 or 18" tall, the 14" doll came in a white formal, the 18" doll came in a sailor suit or chambray outfit.

Short curly wig, sleep eyes, hard plastic jointed body, used the Margaret face mold.

Born in a crowded NY ghetto, she looked beyond her surroundings and envisioned a world of beautiful things.

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