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They went out each week on a date but that's about it. He just walked out when she didn't want to get all romantic with him one night because she wanted to talk about taking a trip in the future (which he refused to talk about) No words were said when it ended....after a YEAR long relationship!

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I'd say it's just as hard for everyone no matter what gender they are.

From my point of view, it's damn near impossible for me to find someone in my age group that doesn't like going out to the bars all the time, and if they don't, 9 times out of 10 they have kids or are Jesus Freaks.

We broke up because he found it extremely difficult to understand my perspective.

Perhaps, I wasn't explaining my culture and myself very well.

Let's add intelligence to that (high, preferably), educated, professional, similar sense of humor, no young kids, etc..... Now I know some men will argue that women do the picking but let me explain.

(Then again, he's divorced so maybe he doesn't exactly pick well) But another thing is...get to pick.

I've known guys who've had pudgy patsy's and plain jane's showing interest in them and I know what these guys told me about them.

Those women gave out signals loud and clear and the guys knew it.

She happens to keep breaking her car so she can go in there during his shift.

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