Dating health issues

Founded in 1992, Men’s Health Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about health issues among boys, teens, and men.

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“You should be going to the doctor, getting screened for STDs, and taking care of yourself,” Ana said.

“Just be aware that what you’re doing with your body will affect you later in life.” Thanks to the internet and social media, Men’s Health Network now reaches more people than ever before.

The Short Version: A lot of men don’t like to talk about their health issues because they feel societal pressure to act strong and tough it out — but there’s nothing tough about ignoring symptoms and letting your body suffer.

An unhealthy lifestyle can have long-term negative effects on you as well as on your family, so it’s important to be aware of what you’re putting in your body and how it can impact your health and happiness.

Every year, approximately 8,850 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer, which accounts for about 1% of all cancers.

An early sign is a painless lump in a testicle or a dull ache in the scrotum.Young men tend to think they’re invincible, but they can have health scares, too.Testicular cancer is most common among men between 15 and 35 years old.“Our mission is to reach out to men where they live, work, play, and pray,” Ana said.“We want to be that voice for men and raise awareness about their health issues.” When you know what’s going on in your body, you can make informed decisions for the good of your long-term health.Ana Fadich, the Vice President of MHN, said she had talked with him the previous year but barely recognized him because he had lost so much weight.

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