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Hanging out requires very little energy, and often results in having sex.Sure, a date can end in sex too, but it takes at least a minimal amount of planning and money So if he’s picking you up at your place, maybe even bringing you flowers if he’s an old-fashioned kind of guy, and taking you out for dinner or drinks or a movie, then that’s great!If your girl's curvy body or fabulous face are the only features that attract you to her, your dating experience isn't likely to last.

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Getting to know your partner and learning about her hopes, dreams and fears will bring the two of you closer than a simple attraction or physical infatuation. For example, ask yourself if you enjoy talking to her.

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But even though physical attraction is partially responsible for your desire to date, it doesn't mean everything.

You've only been out on a few dates with your new guy, but you already want to see him on a 24-7 basis.

And trust me, he’s continuously making these snap judgments as he walks down the street, when he’s out at night, or even at his kid’s Little League game (I get it, men are scum, nasty pigs…whatever).

You may want to emotionally connect with a man, but you need to be tuned into those signs that he’s emotionally attached to you…otherwise, you need to decide if you’re okay with things continuing to be physical.

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If you just meet them in passing, like when you’re stopping by his house and he’s having the boys over for poker night, you won’t get much of a chance to put your best foot forward. Your dude wants to get his friends’ take on you, and given that you only have a few minutes to make an impression, you may be judged on your looks. Assessing when and where you spend time with him can help you determine if you have an emotional connection with a man or not.

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