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But let me tell you…it gets infinitely harder when you’re a mom that has just recently moved into a new town. When we moved to Colorado at the beginning of February, we only had our oldest in Kindergarten. Do you care what each other’s home cleanliness looks like? Your husbands have to at least be able to tolerate each other too. Motherhood alone is so hard, why can’t this one thing be easy?! Two elderly women had run into each other for the first time in months.

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People love to talk about identical twins and ask questions. It’s a super awkward, ‘Ummm, sooo, can I like…have your number? You can tell me all about your life story and we can bond over our kids eating dirt together.

But when they’re not there, I have to figure out where to start.

Therefore, you want to look pretty, but not too pretty. You want to look like you tried, but not like you tried too hard.

There is nothing like meeting at one’s home to make them crazy-pants.

If you’re on a date with an awesome mom, she will happily hand over a few wipes, a diaper, and even a changing pad if she is truly saintly.

The essentials may also include items like water, Goldfish, shoes, and your child. You want to share enough of yourself to take the initial step into bonding, but not so much that she wonders whether or not you should be spending this time in therapy; and let’s be honest, we could all use some therapy.

I signed my kids up for everything: ballet, gymnastics, ninja classes, soccer, and t-ball. Especially when you just assume these people have lived here forever and already have their friend circles formed. It feels like a hard ‘no’ when you’re trying to get on the inside. ’ Thank the Lord for my white headed, blue eyed twins. Your heart will be beating a thousand miles a minute while you ask, too. I’ll introduce myself as Molly and tell you all about how I never thought I wanted kids, but here I am with six.

I knew if we immersed ourselves as much as we could, then we would have a better chance of meeting others. You have to learn to start conversations in the least awkward ways possible. Those two alone are my ‘in’ anywhere when they are around. But how else are you going to grow this potential relationship? You have to ask for her number like you’re on your first date where you want to get to know her more. We can chat about how insane the weather is all over the country if you want. ” Read more from Molly here: ‘Her eyes widened and her voice changed to panic. ’ This stranger’s question left a bitter taste in my mouth.’ ‘I ‘push the button’ and throw the car into reverse.

We’re taking Speed Dating for Mom Friends on the road! We are taking SDFMF on the road to San Francisco on April 25. Sign up for updates, and to let us know if you’re interested in working with us to host an event where you live!

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