Dating for educators and scientists

Our NCSE Teacher Ambassadors developed and field-tested five lessons that focus on combatting misconceptions.Download the lessons and watch accompanying webinars.

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UC Berkeley’s National Conference on the Teaching of Evolution Resource Matrix: A list of resources recommended by participants of the conference.

Resources include articles and books, as well as textbooks and software recommendations.

Cornell University’s Paleontological Research Institution: A series of Teacher-Friendly Guides that are written to provide teachers with the scientific background they need to introduce Earth systems science topics in their classrooms.

Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science: A well-structured framework from the National Academy of Sciences for understanding and teaching evolution.

Not one of these books was written from a Christian-apologetic point of view: they are concerned only with scientific truth - as was Sir Ernst Chain when he called evolution 'a fairy tale'." A former Evolutionist, Dr.

Wilder-Smith debated various leading scientists on the subject throughout the world.

In addition, the web site provides educators with original lessons and other resources to enhance bioscience teaching. The site was chosen as the 2003 best biology site by Scientific American and the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse of the U. Evolution and the Nature of Science Institutes (ENSI): Originally NSF-funded, the ENSI program focused on teaching teachers about the nature of science, using evolution as the exemplar.

A site for teachers by other teachers with lots of classroom-tested exercises available free of charge.

Despite strong pressure to accept evolutionism, many intelligent and experienced scientists either openly or secretly dismiss Evolution as highly unlikely or impossible.

Waddington, Ernst Mayr, Theodosius Dobzhansky and George Simpson.

Resources include videos, activities, informative text, models, and demonstrations. The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change: From the Paleontological Research Institute.

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