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All those questions about fairness the relationship initially raised will remain, only the student may now be at a disadvantage, with his or her ex having power over grades and reputation with other faculty members.

I go to a really small high school of about 360 students Freshman-Senior.

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Whatever the light at the end of your college tunnel may be, that goal is yours. During these four years, your goals are always changing, and different experiences can have different influences on such goals.

Some of those changes can be influenced by your college partner.

If you had the opportunity to attend a university after graduating from high school, then you understand the infinite independence that encompasses the college experience. You take a beer bong with one of your teaching assistants. The one experience some of you may find or have found while in college is love.

You have the option to eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and nobody is around to tell you no.

Breaking those rules could jeopardize the professor's job and the student's status.

If you're at an institution where there aren't official rules about dating, there are most likely some guidelines or unofficial community expectations. Is it OK to date a professor, so long as you're not in one of his or her classes?

When you start college, you have some type of goal in mind.

You want to become an engineer, an accountant, a writer, etc.

You may even currently be in a relationship with the man or woman you met in college. I’m here to tell you about my college relationship and why it didn’t last.

I want to make those who have had a similar experience to mine realize it’s okay the relationship ended.

While relationships between students and professors aren't unheard of, they can be a source for all kinds of problems.

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